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Fourah Bay College

Fourah Bay College, Freetown Fourah Bay College is a public university in the neighborhood of Mount Aureol in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It is the oldest university in West Africa and the first western-style university built in West Africa, and is counted as one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Freetown. Fourah Bay College Building, Freetown  is located at the Atlantic Coast of Subsaharan Africa. This national pride of Freetown was founded in the year of 1787 by the British.


This Fourah Bay College Building in Freetown was built for the lodging option of the slaves who were freed from the US, Great Britain and Nova Scotia. This building later became the official British colony. This building over the years has drawn large number of English speaking Africans of the West Coast. The Fourah Bay College Building at Freetown has been the only European-style University in western region of Subsaharan Africa for long.


Fourah Bay College Building, Freetown was established to serve some purpose. It was built to include the central administration of the university. It has been a center for the rich cultural heritage of the country. Every day, the Fourah Bay College Building, Freetown receives a large number of tourists and travelers who visit this place to witness an important chapter in the history of the country.


Besides its cultural importance, this building is a great architectural site as well. It was built of local laterite and iron. The building materials are chosen to make this building a strong and sturdy one. You can site this university at the center of the education complex. At present this Fourah Bay College Building, Freetown is owned by the government of the Sierra Leone.


This college building was damaged in the year of 1999 by a devastating fire. Only the entrance way and the exterior part survived from the fire. This building stood roof less for about five long years until its materials slowly deteriorated. The courtyards of the Fourah Bay College Building, Freetown are occupied presently by the squatters. At present, this college building has achieved the status of a historic building.



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Congregation-at-Fourah-Bay-College Fourah Bay College

Fourah Bay College - University of Sierra Leone - Est 1827