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King Jimmy Market

King Jimmy's Market is one of the most well known and most frequently visited sites in this part of Sierra Leone. The beautiful city of Freetown is the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone. Besides this, it is also a major port on the Atlantic Ocean. The city is located in the Western Area of the country on the Sierra Leone peninsula. Besides being the hub of the administration, economy, commerce, education and communications, Freetown is also the cultural center of the nation. King Jimmy's Market is one of the major tourist attractions in Freetown which is worth a visit.


King Jimmy's Market is situated on one of the best natural harbors in western Africa. The market is located in the central part of Freetown, close to the central police station and the Caughnaut Hospital. It is considered as one of the oldest and historical markets in the country. The King Jimmy Market held an important position during the colonial period of slave trade. The location of the market played a key role in founding the city as a refuge for freed slaves in 1787.


These days, it is a functioning market and sells various goods. The King Jimmy's Market  in Freetown is usually busy on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You can visit this market for fruits, vegetables and fish.