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Lumley Beach

Lumley Beach


Is the main beach area of freetown stretches about 4km between the Aberdeen and Lumley sections of the city, a ways outside of downtown.  Guest houses are a plenty in both areas (Aberdeen on the East end of the beach, Lumley on the West past the golf course).  There are many beach-side bars and restaurants along the entire beach.


About 45 west of Freetown's Lumley Beach is River No. 2, a pristine jungle-lined, white-sand beach that stretches for kilometers.  There's a small guest house at River No. 2 right where a river cuts the beach in two as it empties into the Atlantic (hence the name River No 2.)  To get there from Freetown, you'll have to hire a taxi.  For food options, bring your own and/or enough money to arrange for locals (or the guesthouse staff) to prepare meals for you.

Freetown Lumley Beach