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St. John's Maroon Church

St. John's Maroon Church, Freetown.


This building is considered as one of the major cultural center of the city. This city is the largest and the capital city of Sierra Leone. This city is renowned because of the various places of interest and it is also home to the world's largest natural harbor. Other than the St. John's Maroon Church, Freetown, here, you can find a number of other churches, museums, beaches and architectural sites.


It is because of the beauty and the importance of the church that the St. John's Maroon Church in Freetown is counted as a major historical building. You can site this church at the city of Freetown in Sierra Leone. This church was constructed in the year of 1820.


The St. John's Maroon Church at Freetown is a great architectural site too. The church building is a small white structure that is built in keeping with the colonial architecture. The church is so named because of the Maroons or runaway slaves from Freetown. It is because of its national and historical importance, the St. John's Maroon Church, Freetown was confirmed as a national heritage site in the year of 1956. It was declared so under the Monuments and Relics Ordinance of 1 June 1947.


You can site this St. John's Maroon Church, Freetown at the Westmoreland Street, which is now known as the Siaka Stevens Street. You can locate this church between the Liverpool Street and Percival Street. This small white building is not only the place for worship but of great historical and architectural importance. The church receives grant from the government.


The great architectural brilliance of the church reflects the talent and the craftsmanship of the artisans of the time.


Close to this church, you will find ample options for lodging and dining. There are various categories of hotels located near the St. John's Maroon Church, Freetown. The several restaurants and eateries offer local delicacies.

Sieirra Leone St John Maroon church